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Elias on Orientation Soft
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377, 1999-03-23

FRIEDA: I understand that we have at least three focuses that we go through. Am I correct ..?

ELIAS: Correct. If you are choosing to be manifest within this particular dimension, you agree to be manifest at the least three times, for the experience of three different orientations. ..

Presently within your physical societies, you do not identify with these orientations with defining words. Therefore, I am offering new words to be defining these three orientations..

The designation for these shall be soft, intermediate, and common. .. Gender is merely your physical manifestation of body type and function. It is not that element which is creating or affecting your perception and how you view yourself and how you view your world, or how you process information. It is merely a function and a designation of type of form.

Orientation is quite different, in that this is the element which is underlyingly, all-encompassingly affecting of your perception, which is your reality. This is how you view yourself, how you interact with yourself, how you view other individuals, how you interact with other individuals, how you perceive your world and how you interact with it, your societies, and all of your reality. ..

378, 1999-03-26 Soft is the designation of perception which occupies its attention in expression of interaction.. It may express inwardly and outwardly, but it is more concerned with exchange, involvement. The involvement may be interaction with other individuals, with.. nature, with your planet, with your universe, with ideas, with concepts. It matters not. Their attention focuses in interaction.

Soft is very interactive. They are interactive with each other, they are interactive with other individuals, they are very active in aligning with movements. They are very passionate individuals, which creates your perception of flamboyant behavior.

They are not necessarily concerned with outer creations, physical productions, but they are quite attentive to their own creations outwardly. They may be expressive in dance, in their own creation of their own music.. not necessarily with an instrument.. They are quite attentive to interaction. These individuals find their greatest creations and ease within interaction of other individuals. Their attention moves in the direction of themselves and other individuals. You shall not perceive many of these individuals.. moving through their focus quite alone. They are unhappy alone.

381, 1999-04-09 As you enter physical focus and physically manifest within this dimension, you choose a physical body type and function, a gender. You also choose an orientation. The orientation may fit to either gender. All three of the orientations [common, intermediate, soft] may fit with either gender. Therefore, they cross over each other, and one does not dictate the other. This is another element of your belief system that creates great confusion within you, for as you DO identify so very strongly with genders, you confuse yourselves with orientations, for the orientations do not fit with one particular gender. They are not associated directly with each other.

Orientation is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.

Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.

381, 1999-04-09 Soft are the interactors.. individuals that manifest within the orientation of soft, you shall generally not view them to be singular, and if they are creating singularity in their focus, they shall be experiencing much conflict, for this is an expression outside of their orientation and shall also be outside of their intent in alignment with their orientation.. although.. your intent is different from your orientation.

..soft view their perception outwardly and inwardly. They are creating outwardly, and they are also focusing inwardly. Their focus inwardly is slightly different from intermediate. Intermediate focuses its attention through its perception inwardly objectively. Soft holds an element of its attention in creating its reality quite subjectively. Its inward focus is not entirely objective, but is subsequently translated into a type of objective awareness..

[Soft] individuals shall experience quite commonly elements of their reality that are quite surprising to them, for they are creating subjectively - focusing an element of their attention subjectively - and they are allowing a translation objectively, without necessarily creating a communication objectively between the objective and the subjective. Therefore, in their creations, they seem to be creating elements in their reality that "pop into" their reality. They appear before them. They surprise themselves!

[Soft] individuals are very interactive.. soft shall be interactive throughout their focus with other individuals. They shall also experience a draw to nature.. and all other elements of your reality, your universe, for they ARE so very interactive.

..you may not necessarily identify [Softs] by the relationships that they choose. Some individuals.. may not choose to be within a romantic relationship.

..[Soft] individuals are [not] creating of merely one type of interaction, but that they shall be interactive continuously with other individuals throughout their focus. They shall not be the individuals that you identify as hermits.

[Softs] are quite playful. They also are quite expressive. They may be emotionally expressive; they may be creatively expressive. But as they are so very interactive, it holds importance to them that their expressiveness is appreciated and noticed by other individuals. They shall not be your wallflowers!

..Soft is not necessarily a negative term. It is merely pliable, and these individuals of soft are very flexible.

387, 1999-04-24 Individuals holding an orientation of soft shall find that they are experiencing more of an emotional expression in conjunction with mass events. They may view themselves to be affected.. in varying degrees, but many times quite strongly, for this particular orientation lends itself.. to involvement of the individual and all of your world. This particular orientation is very interactive. Therefore, it also is quite affected.

Within the orientation of soft, there is an interaction and an interconnectedness with other individuals and in mass expressions. The attention of interaction between the individual and their world is more extensive. Therefore, there is an individual involvement and an objective expression as mass events occur. There is an awareness of the individual with this orientation of soft that they are a participant, regardless of their location or their physical involvement. They hold an inner knowing and awareness of their participation in consciousness, and they are affected. Thought and emotion are both incorporated into their affectingness. Many of these individuals may move into the position of actual physical involvement in these situations and physically participate in the actions. Regardless that they physically participate or not, they shall be experiencing tremendous affectingness in relation to these types of events and may be displaying very emotional expressions in relation to these events.

The individuals of soft incorporate the entirety of your planet as interactive with them. They do not separate themselves from the interaction of all else that occurs within the actions of your mass events.

Individuals that are intermediate may appear to be, in the assessment of other individuals, not caring. And of course, this is very, very bad, for you must ALWAYS be caring individuals.. the individuals of common may be viewed as partially caring! The individuals of soft are overly caring! NONE of your expressions are quite acceptable, for they are either extreme or they are not quite adequate enough, and this is the manner that you slip into your expressions of non-acceptance of each other, and also of yourselves.

Individuals within the.. orientation of soft, also view their expression as extreme and not acceptable. Individuals within the orientation of common express to themselves that they are not caring enough or are not involved enough with certain situations. Individuals.. of the orientation of intermediate are hopelessly lost! For they are not interactive with any individual, but they are quite interactive with themselves! And they are very much not caring, for they are merely caring of themselves! Quite a selfish expression, in the judgment of the masses!

..soft lean in the direction of not conforming to their societal beliefs. They may align with many of the beliefs, but they also move in a direction of challenging many societal beliefs or mass belief systems. [Soft] may be quite unaccepting of themselves, for their expression does not fit, and other individuals are unaccepting of them also, for their expression does not fit, and if you do not fit within your officially accepted reality, you shall be experiencing conflict and judgments upon yourselves and upon each other.

..you may hold in essence a preference for an orientation. Therefore, you may manifest within this physical focus 100 times, and you may choose, in preference, to be manifesting 86 times as common, and you may choose to be experiencing soft and intermediate few..

But you shall experience all three of these orientations if you are manifesting physically within this dimension [at least once]

393, 1999-05-09 ..preference is [not] the same as orientation. Be clear that they are very different.

Also, gender is quite different from orientation, but just as your outer senses hold very different functions, they also complement each other to be creating a whole in perception..

404, 1999-05-26 DAWN: ..Michael and I, being isolated from others and sometimes frustrated that people don't initiate contact with us unless they need something from us. We're wondering how to deal with this...

Elias: ..You hold different orientations - one soft, one common.

..the soft moves in the direction of holding great importance in the area of interaction.. you are compelled, in a manner of speaking, to be interactive with other individuals. The orientation of common does not necessarily move in this direction. Therefore, you introduce an element into your focus together of struggling.. in attempting to incorporate both of these orientations into one combined expression within your relationship.

One moves in the direction of holding ease in being interactive with other individuals, but feels no necessity.. and may be.. or may not be interactive. The other holds a very strong draw for continued interaction.. which you may be acquiring solace in one direction, of allowing yourself the continuous interaction with your partner, but at times, this may appear to be not enough.

..Michael [Common] may move in the direction of feeling quite comfortable being interactive or not being interactive. It matters not. But you are responsive to your partner and wish to be pleasing and supportive of your [Soft] partner, and therefore move in the direction of expressing in like manner of wishing to be more interactive with other individuals. Your motivation moves directly in relation to your partner, which is another expression of common. You shall be quite responsive to those individuals that you view as being close to you, in physical terms, in the area of relationships, but you may not necessarily be drawn to be interactive with other individuals within a continuous manner..

Other individual's creations also are not quite as intensely affecting of you. You may move yourself more easily.. in the direction of accepting that other individuals are creating of their reality, and you shall create - in the opinion and the thought process within yourself - that if it is not directly affecting of you, it matters not. Conversely, your [Soft] partner may be expressing, 'It matters not that this individual's expression is not directly affecting of me! I am affected!' (Laughter) And so she is!

For you are interconnected objectively with all other individuals, and.. you are.. in reality - being affected, for you do not separate your experience from other individual's experiences, regardless of whether you hold personal involvement with them or objectively even recognize them and know them.. It matters not. You are aware objectively that you are interconnected and that you are not separated from them. You allow yourself the experience of this interconnectedness, and therefore you allow yourself the responsiveness in that interconnectedness.

DAWN: ..This may relate actually to orientation. I found recently that in social situations, even with people that I know or family, that the communications, the conversations, are kind of shallow, and that sometimes people wander off. I have stopped wondering so much if I did something wrong or have offended, but it's an uncomfortable situation. Does this relate to that at all?

Elias: ..Within this time framework, as this wave in consciousness continues, many individuals holding the orientation of soft may be experiencing elements of impatience with certain other individuals holding different orientations, for as you have expressed, within your perception they appear to be addressing to mundane, surface elements of their reality, and you move your attention into areas that you deem to be more important. Within your perception, your reality, certain directions ARE more important. You look to reality and how you create your reality - emotional expressions, philosophy, perception of focus, creations and abilities, acceptance, all of these subject matters - as holding great importance and being quite serious and worthy of your attention, and in this, you also hold the expectation that other individuals 'should' be recognizing the importance of these subject matters also.

DAWN: So, my impression - that in those situations I am overwhelming people - is right on!

ELIAS: In certain expressions, yes! (Chuckling)

This is also your opportunity to view your behavior - not to be judging of your behavior, for this is your choice of orientation and it is quite natural and it is quite acceptable, but to be noticing your presentment of yourself within your behaviors in relation to other individuals, and to be recognizing other individual's reality through their perceptions and recognizing that their orientation may be different from your choice of orientation.

..This offers you also a great opportunity to practice acceptance, which may be quite a challenge for you within physical focus!

..Individuals within the orientation of common, as they are creating quite efficiently outwardly [and] also automatically look outwardly within their reality, hold a leaning in the direction of assessing their individual worth and measurement by outward expressions much more than individuals holding the orientation of soft or intermediate.

..you each hold your differences in your challenges. This is not to say that individuals within each of the orientations do not assume quite often issues in the area of personal responsibility, but.. individuals within the orientation of soft and intermediate may be moving through these issues of personal responsibility slightly more easily than individuals within the focus of common, for they are not attending their attention as fully outwardly as individuals holding the orientation of common.

..individuals holding the orientation of common very commonly are exhibiting this issue of control, for they are wishing to be manipulating of all of their reality, and as I have stated, all of everyone else's reality. In this, it is intermingled with the issue of personal responsibility, which enhances the issue of control.

..Control is a holding to. Directing is merely directing, allowing a free flow with a direction. In this, you confuse these different expressions.

DAWN: I think my last two questions, like Michael said, kind of lump together. I was going to ask about becoming obsessed with people who seem to create lots of drama and seem to be making no progress, in their own assessment or anyone else's, and sometimes when people act like that, I just have a big dislike for them and I don't understand why, but that seems to relate to the orientation of soft.

ELIAS: Partially.

..you do draw yourself to interactions with individuals in these types of expressions and situations, as do other individuals.. another aspect of this, in why you draw yourself to these types of interactions with these individuals, is that you may recognize your own participation and REDEFINE HELPFULNESS.

You hold aspects of belief systems which direct you in certain manners that express quite defined methods of helpfulness and supportiveness to other individuals, and the expression is to be offering to them another 'method' as to how they may be repairing their 'broken' situation or as to how they may be creating more efficiently within their situation, or you may also be attempting to be offering helpfulness and supportiveness to other individuals in attempting to be easing their expression.

But you are also noticing that you are experiencing frustration as they are not accepting your expression. They are not following your advice; they are not accepting of your expression. Once again, what be the matter with these individuals?

..this once again is your opportunity that you are presenting to yourself in not creating the judgment upon the choice that other individuals are engaging within their focus, understanding that they may hold dissatisfaction with their own creation and you may hold dissatisfaction with their creation also, but you are not creating their reality. They are creating their reality, and they are creating it in the manner that is the most beneficial to them within the now.

..offer.. yourself the opportunity to be interactive but to be accepting of their choice, recognizing that you may be helpful to them in the most efficient manner by being accepting of yourself, for in being accepting of yourself, you also shall be noticing of your behavior and your responses, and as you are noticing of your own responses, you shall also notice each time you are placing a judgment upon another individual's creation, be it good or bad. It matters not. They are equal in judgment.

..be interactive.. NOT in judgment but.. by offering the example of the straight little sapling. You need not offer any other expression. You need not be directing. You need not be offering helpfulness in suggestion. You need not be assuming personal responsibility, but merely being expressive of your own acceptance of self and continuing within your own trust and your own direction, attending to self, and this shall project the straight little sapling, which shall be more helpful and supportive than any other expression that you may offer.

417, 1999-07-01 One of the expressions or components of this orientation of soft is your responsiveness to mass events.. It is an obvious expression that may be easily identified - in difference to the other two orientations - which may be offering you more ease in allowing yourself the identification of soft.

Another very strong expression of this particular orientation is the draw to be interactive with other individuals continuously.

..this particular orientation manifests in a direction that moves very purposefully and intentionally in conjunction with other individuals.. if you.. are isolating yourself or not allowing yourself interactions with other individuals in relationships and in intimate relationships, you shall be experiencing confusion and conflict and distress, for you are moving contrary to your individual natural expression.

The other two orientations move within any particular focus and may be functioning within their focus in conjunction with another individual, OR they may be creating their focus singularly - objectively - if they are so choosing, and this shall not be creating of great conflict within their focus. But within the orientation of soft, as it is designed to be very interactive with other individuals and is objectively very interconnected with all other individuals upon your planet, it is quite contrary to your nature, in a manner of speaking, to be isolating.

..much of your mass belief systems also gear themselves to the orientation of common, for the orientation of common is expressed more than any other orientation. Outside of the natural expressions of the orientation of common lie certain aspects of natural movement within the orientation of soft and intermediate, but these do not fall into the officially accepted reality. Therefore, they are looked upon as unacceptable behavior, and in this, these individuals attempt to be fitting themselves into the guidelines of the officially accepted reality, in which they do not fit.

..many individuals within this particular orientation hold an objective knowing that they do not seek out partnerships for the reasons that are expressed within the officially accepted mass belief systems, but they are drawing themselves into partnerships with other individuals for the reason that this creates a natural expression within their focus and creates an ease within energy in their focus, which eliminates much conflict.

..many times these individuals DO create partnerships that hold what you term to be a lasting quality, but this would not be the point.

The point is that within this particular orientation, there is the express desire to be interactive continuously in intimate manner with other individuals, and therefore there is a magnating to the creation of intimate partnerships with other individuals.

431, 1999-07-23 ELIAS: ..individuals may confuse themselves in that particular example.. that I have offered — for they may look to their outward expressions in like manner to yourself. ..each of you recognizes genuinely what your initial responses are, regardless that you may block them. You know within you what is your natural expression, which direction you naturally lean into within your focus.

You DO hold concern and attention in the areas of what may be occurring throughout your globe. You do NOT remove yourself from the information of all that is occurring throughout your globe.

.. You involve your attention in this area quite consistently and intensely.

FRANK: Right. It does bother me, I do admit that, and I do have emotion to it too, but not that I would share that in public, right? But then I would always identify with the common orientation, of what effect does that have, my being emotional about it? That might be my camouflage talking, my belief systems and camouflage.

ELIAS: This is your rationale.

FRANK: My rationale. And so I identify with the other side too, that there’s really no reason to respond so emotionally to any situation like that because it’s too far out of touch, out of my control, or something like that.

ELIAS: Quite, and in like manner, other individuals holding this orientation [Soft] express the same to themselves, for your society moves in the designation of rules of behavior, and this falls outside of your societal rules of behaviors. This be the reason that individuals within the orientation of soft hold conflict in many areas, for once again, they are attempting to be fitting themselves as one shaped peg into a different shaped hole.

FRANK: Right! We’re not used to designation! ..using the soft orientation, what other areas of influence has this affected me in? Probably everything, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

433, 1999-07-28 JO: .. The orientation information really helps to describe the language barrier that we’ve sensed all along. We just never were able to ... we really didn’t know where that was coming from, so that’s very helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: ..one of the reasons that individuals holding different orientations encounter and create much conflict within their relationship is their perception, which is directly influenced by their orientation, for in this, you perceive yourselves and your world differently. Therefore, you also respond to yourselves, to each other, and to your world quite differently. Your expressions are foreign to each other, and it may appear at times as though you occupy entirely different planets, not merely different countries, for your reality IS very different.

In this, mass belief systems enter also, for the mass belief systems express to you that there ARE absolutes, that you DO hold certain areas of perception within your reality that are the same, and I express to you that this is incorrect. Each of you holds your own unique, individual perception.

Now; you may hold similarities in holding the same orientations, but your individual expressions of those similarities are different. The point is to be recognizing all of these differences, all of this diversity, and realizing the wondrousness of all of these expressions. You need not be the same. It matters not!

You have created your reality quite efficiently to be accommodating of all of these unique differences. Therefore, you need not be placing all of the pegs into one shaped hole.

JO: We even seem to have different perceptions about how much conflict we have based on these differences. It seems like we even view this situation very differently.

ELIAS: Quite, and this also is an expression of the differences of orientation. Individuals holding the orientation of soft may be expressing in certain areas that the conflict experienced is intense in its expression, but in other areas that pertain merely to the individual, they may express little conflict.

An individual that is of the orientation of common may express tremendous concern in areas that are directly affecting of themselves, and may be in your physical terms quite sensitive to situations and creations and emotions and thoughts in relation to individuals that they view themselves to hold closeness to, but their concern and their direction shall move in relation to their perception and shall encompass what is directly affecting of themselves in some manner.

..in difference to individuals holding intermediate orientation, individuals of the orientation of common shall allow an affectingness of other individuals surrounding them in their immediate company.. in family, in friendship, in partnership — but it shall be filtered through what may be directly affecting of them in some manner. This shall hold importance.

Now; an individual holding the orientation of soft may not necessarily be affected merely by events or concepts or emotions or thoughts that are directly, objectively affecting of themself. They may be affected, so to speak, by many other elements that appear to be outside of themselves, and they hold a direct responsiveness in affectingness, and this holds importance.

JO: For example, my connecting with information about relationships, for example, and sexuality. Even though it doesn’t directly affect me necessarily, the ideas of it are something that I resonate to more than Paul does, and that is influencing of me more than him.

ELIAS: Individuals holding the orientation of soft are great cause-bearers for they are objectively aware of the interconnectedness of all individuals. Therefore, they also are objectively affected by all of your reality within this physical dimension.

Therefore, the expressions are quite different within the orientation of soft and the orientation of common, for individuals within the orientation of common are creating outwardly. Orientation of soft, be remembering, is creating inwardly AND outwardly.

Do not be confused. This is not to say that individuals creating the orientation of common do not create subjective movement also, for they do. You all hold subjective movement. You all hold objective movement.

..Individuals of the orientation of common translate their imagery, subjectively or objectively, in an objective manner. They view outwardly. Therefore, there is a very distinct difference between these two expressions of orientation, for individuals of soft combine these expressions of subjective and objective, in their perception, in their expression of their perception, into an objective expression.

..many times also, individuals holding the orientation of soft may experience difficulties in translating into language all that they are experiencing, and objectively shar[ing] these experiences with another individual holding a different orientation.

This be the reason that many, many, many individuals magnate to ongoing relationships with individuals of the same orientation, for there is an automatic, natural understanding. There is also an automatic, natural movement into acceptance. There is no necessity to be converting the partner to a different perception, for there is a natural understanding and knowing, for they hold a very similar perception.

The accomplishment of the translation is a genuine expression, not merely of curiosity but of appreciation of difference, and in this, there becomes an allowance of acceptance in the expressions of difference, not a frustration and more of a thickness.

439, 1999-08-05 individuals move themselves into directions of attempting to be fitting themselves into the mold that is compliant with the mass expression, and in this area, individuals of this orientation very strongly do not fit, for within your society, although they express to you to be self-reliant and their message in their belief systems is that you need be tending to self, this is a camouflaged action and message, so to speak, for the message expresses to look to self, but in actuality does not encourage you to genuinely look to self and be accepting of self in the manner that you have manifest. It expresses to you to look to self, and subsequently to mold yourself and fit yourself into the forms and the grooves of the mass expression.

In this area of interaction with other individuals, this particular orientation many times experiences much conflict, for you are in direct opposition many times to the mass belief systems and the officially accepted rules, so to speak, of your societies, in which they may be expressing to you, in your looking to self, to also be, in a manner of speaking, isolating yourself.

There is an expression offered by your society, to be not merely self-reliant but independent, and this is viewed as very good and positive, but this may also hold elements of conflict with certain individuals. Be remembering that one expression does not necessarily automatically create an opposite to counterpart it. Therefore, the expression of independence - or the LACK of independence - is not necessarily the situation in which you perceive you become dependent upon other individuals.

465, 1999-09-09 DARYL: ..You were talking about the orientation of soft, that they hold an inward focus that is not entirely objective and that is translated into a type of objective awareness, and that they create subjectively, focusing an element of their attention subjectively, and that last part especially seems familiar to me, and I wondered if you could elaborate on those areas.

ELIAS: what I am expressing in the orientation of soft is that these individuals are creating objectively and subjectively simultaneously.

..you are all creating subjectively and objectively, but you are creating subjectively and objectively in different manners.

Within the orientation of soft, the objective and the subjective merge more in an objective manner. This particular type of creation differs from those individuals holding the orientation of common or intermediate for the reason that these two orientations focus either objectively or subjectively.

..individuals that hold an orientation of intermediate shall be creating much of their attention in the direction of subjective movement, but this is not to say that they necessarily hold an objective awareness of what they are creating subjectively, and in this, even as they are creating subjectively and it is being translated into objective imagery, many times they are not recognizing of the correlation between the two. They assess that they are quite different.

Individuals within the orientation of common create their imagery quite objectively. They do not hold an objective awareness of what they are creating subjectively. Therefore, in like manner — but in reverse — to those individuals of intermediate, much subjective movement may be occurring, and their awareness is held so very strongly within the objective expression that their awareness of their movement shall be noticed within objective imagery. Therefore, regardless of how they are creating subjectively or the intensity of their subjective creations in their movement, most of their awareness shall be expressed as they realize the objective imagery.

..individuals of soft.. hold an awareness of both objective and subjective conjointly simultaneously. Therefore, they are watching the objective creations and movements, holding an awareness — in the moment — of the correlation to the subjective movement.

Let us use as an example.. obvious movement in an objective expression of physical location. An individual that holds the orientation of intermediate may choose objectively to be changing their physical location, and moving from one physical location to another physical location. Now; their attention is focused inward subjectively, be remembering. Therefore, the movement which is being created subjectively is what holds more of the attention. Therefore, as they choose to be physically creating objective imagery in like manner or in mirror action to the subjective movement, they are not correlating the two actions. Their attention moves to what they are creating inwardly, and they are not paying attention to the physical movement and correlating that to the objective outward mirror image of what they are creating inwardly. It matters not, in their perception. This is unimportant. Their attention moves in the direction of the subjective movement.

Conversely, an individual holding the orientation of common may be choosing the same physical movement in physical location, and as they accomplish this physical movement of location from one area to another area, they shall reflect, and subsequently, in reflection, they shall express to themselves a partial awareness of how their physical imagery is connected, in your terms, to subjective movement. But their automatic expression is to merely be viewing the physical move, the physical change in location, and their attention is quite consumed with the actual action of the physical movement.

Now; within the individuals of soft, they hold an awareness, in objective terms, of both, and their attention encompasses both movements simultaneously. They hold the awareness of the subjective movement and the objective movement simultaneously, and their attention moves to both of these areas equally simultaneously.

Are you understanding?

475, 1999-09-22 CAROLE: Elias, in reference to the three orientations, I naturally tried to figure out which one I am, and quite frankly, I sound like all three of them. then I was thinking that Elias said that Michael is soft and Lawrence is common, and then I remembered back in earlier sessions when Elias said there were thought focused people and emotionally focused people, and I wondered how that interacted with it, because it would seem as though a person who had a soft orientation would be more of an emotionally focused person

ELIAS: Within your reality, you do create thought focused individuals and emotionally focused individuals and religiously focused individuals and politically focused individuals - but we focus very strongly upon the thought and emotion - and in this, these are different choices.

in like manner to your choice of orientation, these are choices that you create prior to your physical manifestation. They are subjective choices. These are not objective choices.

individuals may be creating the choice to hold the orientation of soft and also create a thought focus.

Michael has chosen the orientation of soft and has chosen the thought focus. Coupling these two elements of reality within this particular focus allows more of an ease and an ability objectively to be engaging this phenomenon. Therefore, it is quite purposeful.

Mylo has chosen to be orientation of soft, and emotionally focused. Mylo, I may say to you, would be experiencing much more conflict in the engagement of this type of energy exchange than does Michael, but Mylo does not engage this type of energy exchange, and therefore, within his intent, he is creating quite efficiently and perfectly.

CAROLE: So would that be an unusual combination, to be thought focused and have a soft orientation?

ELIAS: No. Many individuals choose to be holding a thought focus and also a soft orientation. This allows, in a manner of speaking, more of an objective balance.

many individuals also create an emotional focus and the orientation of soft to be experiencing an intensification of emotional creations.

Many individuals in a particular focus may hold a fascination with the creation of emotional expressions, and in this, they choose not to merely be experiencing individually their own emotional expressions, but they also are aligning with their entire reality in their emotional expressions! And creating extremes - much laughter and much sobbing!

573, 2000-03-02 ...as essences do focus most of their manifestations in the choice of orientation of common, this particular orientation creates a type of design set, in a manner of speaking, for the officially accepted reality. Therefore, those individuals manifesting holding the orientations of intermediate or soft experience challenges within their objective expressions, for they move in conjunction with the officially accepted reality and the energy of the mass, and they are attempting to be fitting themselves, in their expressions and their flow of energy, into the expressions of the orientation of common. But they do not fit, for this is not the natural flow of energy and expression which is projected by those two orientations.
574, 2000-03-02 ...you become acutely aware objectively, in some manners, of the very element that you have offered within your terms: feeling alien, holding a sense or a type of knowing, in part objectively, that there are elements of you that appear to be off in your assessment, or not quite fitting entirely in what you may view as smoothly or freely.

And in this, you automatically turn your attention to the influences of your perception and begin discounting of self or placing judgments upon self, and expressing to yourself that you are creating some element of a lack of understanding or you are distorting your reality or you are not creating adequately enough, and you begin devaluing yourself within your perception and allowing yourself to be moving into tremendous expressions of duplicity.

This all moves through an influence of the designation of the final focus also. It is quite influencing within some individuals.

As you allow yourself to recognize all of the different elements of you, all of the different expressions and manifestations of you - the emotional qualities of you, the expression of orientation of you, the identification of the natural movement of energy that you project, not in comparison with other individuals, but merely holding your attention with self - you may allow yourself to become familiar with your individual movement, and this shall begin opening elements of clarity within you;

...At times, you attempt to be channeling that natural flow of energy into expressions that you deem to be acceptable in the category of creativity, (chuckling) which is an interesting diversion of your natural flow of energy.

...the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality now, and the movement of your individual focus as designated being the final focus... are influencing in a tremendous movement of energy.

You may be allowing yourself much more freedom and much more of an ease as you allow yourself, in this turning of your attention to self, to be recognizing and acknowledging - not proving and not comparing, but recognizing and acknowledging - your natural flow of energy in your ease of expression with it.

...You also incorporate into your identification and your definition natural expressions of your orientation, which are not necessarily linked to gender, but through the established mass belief systems are associated with gender.

...As I have stated previously, you create inward and outward, both. This is how you interact with your world. This is how you interact with other individuals. You also hold an innate knowing of the interconnectedness of all of you manifest within your physical dimension. You hold less of an objective veil of separation.

In this, there is a tremendous motivation to be not merely interactive with other individuals continuously, but also to be, in a manner of speaking, swirling the energy of objective and subjective movement together, and this becomes expressed outwardly, but also incorporated inwardly.

...As you engage other individuals, initially you express a natural flow of your energy outward. The natural flow is the swirl of energy which incorporates the objective and subjective awareness, which are in play initially in the expression.

Therefore, you may encounter another individual and you may engage a discussion of this philosophy. Your initial movement into the discussion shall merely be the expression of your energy, and your thoughts and opinions as to this subject matter in the philosophy.

As the interaction continues, regardless of the expression or the communication objectively that is incorporated and projected by the other individual, you shall begin more of an intensity in your interaction, and in this, what shall be created is the movement of several actions incorporated simultaneously.

One shall be the projection of energy and communication objectively in the direction of the other individual to be attempting to gain their awareness - or what you perceive to be their awareness - of the lack of separation of all individuals, which within your philosophy is expressed in the terminology of equality.

Are you following thus far?

JO: Yes.

ELIAS: In this philosophical discussion, as you are swirling this natural flow of energy, not incorporating the veils of separation that other individuals may incorporate, you attempt to be offering information, and in that attempt, you cross into the territory of teaching, and in the moment that you cross into the territory of teaching - which I shall express, as an aside, is not your job - as you incorporate this action, you also incorporate another action simultaneously, inwardly, of devaluing self.

For you begin incorporating an awareness within yourself objectively - and creating a judgment upon self - that you may be expressing out of line, or that you are not being accepting of another individual, or that you are expressing merely through your belief systems and you are not allowing for the perception of the other individual.

In this action, you are automatically diverting your natural flow of energy and discounting of self.

Now; you further this action by channeling that energy into what you identify as a creative expression: "I shall not engage the action of encountering and confronting other individuals in debate. I shall channel my energy into teaching in another manner which is more efficient and much more subtle, and I shall engage my creativity, which shall express this same philosophy but in a different manner."

But this is continuing with the intention of teaching another individual or many individuals, which also is discounting of the other individuals and discounting of yourself, for your need to be discounting of other individuals by teaching other individuals is expressed as a reflection of the uncomfortableness with your own expression. Therefore, you create safety in the expression of creativity.

...Within your natural expression of energy in relation to your orientation, and the natural flow of interactiveness of self and other individuals, and the natural flow of objective and subjective, creating inward and outward, as you focus upon self, you also create a natural flow of energy to be projecting outward simultaneously.

This is the creation of the interaction of subjective and objective simultaneously, creating inwardly and outwardly simultaneously. This is quite a different expression than that of the common.

As another aside, I shall express to you, allow yourself to stop comparing and attempting to be of the orientation of common, as you are not!

You as an individual, you as essence, you as consciousness are continuously changing. You are continuously altering. You are continuously moving and exploring, and therefore, as you view any element within your reality that you assess to be not satisfying to you, you immediately motivate yourself to be changing. This is a natural flow of energy, and in this, you are merely confusing yourself, as you are not allowing yourself to become familiar with yourself and your natural flow of energy within your expression of your orientation.

And as you allow yourself this recognition, you also may turn your attention to self, and as you are expressing your energy in holding your attention to self, your outward expression turns and may no longer be expressed in the direction or manifestation of teaching, but rather, the acknowledgment of self and your natural expression of energy, your natural direction, and the incorporation or drawing to other individuals of like spirit and sharing together through your travel together, rather than teaching another individual.

For no other individual need be taught. They all hold the same information that you hold. You all already hold all of the information. There is no element that any individual need be teaching any other individual. You need not be taught, and you need not be teaching.

But in conjunction with your orientation especially, if you are identifying any element that you may assess to be a need within physical focus, you may identify that your need is to be sharing.

JO: Right.

ELIAS: ...these orientations, all three, are quite different in their expressions. The flow of energy is different. It is all quite purposeful. Were they to be the same, it would be unnecessary for you to be creating different orientations.

...the difficulty in the differences of these orientations is much less in any individual's movement in the action of creating a translation between one to another of these orientations. There is much more of a tremendous difficulty expressed in individuals accepting the orientation that they have created themselves, and allowing their own free flow of energy and natural expression without comparison and without attempting to be fitting into another orientation. The orientation that you hold is wondrous in its expression. Accept that.

...Just as the Ilda may be viewed as the bridges between cultures, between ideas, between philosophies, between expressions - in physical terms, the exchangers - so also the soft may be viewed as the bridges.

577, 2000-03-02 Be remembering your orientation. Your creation is inward and outward simultaneously, and as you allow yourself merely to focus upon the outward, you are viewing merely part, and therefore you are blocking your view of the entirety of the picture. You are viewing merely one side.

FRANK: What is the inward creation then? How would that manifest itself?

ELIAS: ...I am expressing to you...not to be focusing your attention upon one or the other, for these are both manifestations. In relation to your orientation, I am expressing to you to focus your attention upon YOU.

Notice and allow yourself an awareness objectively of your feelings, your emotions, and your thoughts and your impressions - YOU. Allow yourself to become familiar with you, not merely what you manifest.

Think of a coin. You are the coin. In creating the coin, you also are simultaneously creating both sides of that coin.

In this particular orientation of soft, you are creating inwardly and outwardly simultaneously, but what you focus your attention upon is one or the other within any particular moment. Within one moment, you focus your attention upon the belief. Within another moment, you focus your attention upon the manifestation physically. In both directions of attention, you are not paying attention to you within the moment.

FRANK: Another thing I've noticed is that, you know, while I was addressing my orientation of soft and realizing, like you taught me, that soft has to be around people and interacting with them, it always seems that ... like towards the end of the year, I was very interactive with people during the holidays, to more of a degree than I usually am, and trying to embrace that and be very involved in that, and then I noticed there's always a point, like right when I feel like I'm at the height of my interaction or I'm doing what I should be doing, that I feel like I have to break away, and then, bang, I get sick again, or something happens to that effect to isolate me even more from everything, which I think I'm still carrying through now as a result of all the holiday interactions. What's going on there?

ELIAS: This all interplays in these issues, and your lack of allowance of a free flow of your natural expression within your orientation. You are, in a manner of speaking, creating a stop-point and setting a stage, in a manner of speaking.

For you are not holding within the now and you are projecting futurely, and in this projection futurely, you anticipate that this experience of freedom and natural flow of energy shall not be ongoing, shall not be lasting, so to speak. Therefore, you shall regear yourself, and you shall once again be moving yourself in the direction of attempting to be pounding your peg into a different shaped hole.

FRANK: Like coming out of my orientation, and identifying with another one.

ELIAS: Yes! There is a tremendous expression of this, which is quite affecting! For as you attempt to be diverting your natural flow of energy, it IS tremendously affecting.


If you are creating obstacles and blocking of the natural flow of your energy, it shall be expressed in another manner. It shall not be static. Energy is in continuous movement.

Therefore, if you are not allowing the natural flow and the natural expression of your energy, you shall express it in another manner, and that manner may move contrary to your natural flow, and you shall hold an awareness that you are moving contrary to your natural flow, for you shall allow yourself objectively evidences and awarenesses.

You shall allow yourself to view the affectingness that you create - or the lack of comfort or the lack of pleasure or the expression of conflict or confusion - in relation to your diversion of your energy into areas in which you are not allowing a natural flow.

584, 2000-03-21
MARY: ... Elias, I guess I want to ask you, I feel like I'm engaging a sort of buffer lately when it comes to interaction with others. I think I realize that I have a choice as to whether I allow the sometimes extremely intense affectingness of others or not, and tied into that, possibly, at times I feel really distant and removed from others. I feel distant from my environment even, and myself. I feel like literally I'm in a fog once in a while. I guess other people have felt this way too. It's like watching a movie and not participating at all, which is quite tricky while you're driving down the road! I think that these are the times when I really go into my hiding mode once in a while. Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: ...initially you have created this type of action as an expression of energy in time frameworks in which you have experienced an uncomfortableness in interaction within the officially accepted reality and how that reality is created.

...the design of much - not all, but much - of your officially accepted reality in this physical dimension is offered, so to speak, through the perception and created by the perception of the common orientation, for the majority of individuals manifest within your physical dimension within any one particular time framework is expressed in the orientation of common.

Now; some elements of the officially accepted reality are contributions, so to speak, of the soft and the intermediate orientations, and these are also officially accepted in behaviors.

But there are many expressions of energy that are natural flows of energy within the orientations of intermediate and soft which do not entirely fit into the officially accepted reality as it is dictated by the perception of the common.

...I am not expressing that the natural flow of energy and expressions and behaviors of those individuals holding the orientations of soft or intermediate may NOT be expressed within the officially accepted reality of your dimension or that they WILL not fit, but that the individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate have, in a manner of speaking, abdicated to those individuals holding the orientation of common.

Therefore, individuals not holding the orientation of common attempt to be fitting their natural flow of energy and their natural expressions into the design of the perception of that of the common, and THIS is the action that does not fit.

MARY: I understand.

ELIAS: ...many individuals, yourself also, create designs, in a manner of speaking, of outlets of their natural flow of energy, which shall afford them an element of comfort in the expression of their orientations which are not common, but as they are influenced by the officially accepted reality, their choice of outlet appears to themselves as strange.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: Therefore, even your own design of an outlet of energy shall appear to you as odd, for it appears different than that which is expressed by the majority, and you draw comparisons and continue to attempt to be modeling your expressions and your energy flow in the manner of the majority.

In this, specifically to you in this focus, you have created time frameworks in which you allow an expression of energy in what you term to be retreat and in which you view yourself to be isolating.

...this orientation of soft is very interactive with other individuals.

...even recognizing that you hold an orientation of soft or intermediate, you automatically continue to be comparing your behavior and your expressions with the behavior and the expressions of individuals of common.

MARY: I think that is so true, Elias.

ELIAS: In this, you confuse yourselves and you continue to discount yourselves, expressing that you are creating some movement within your behavior and your expressions that is wrong or dysfunctional or inadequate.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: It does not fit into what you identify as normal, for what you are identifying as normal is narrowly identified in only the orientation of the expression of common, and there is not an allowance for the deviations of behaviors which are expressed by those individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate.

...in the expression of the orientation of soft - identifying through your definitions, which are dictated by the behavior of the common - you automatically interpret that "continuous interaction with other individuals" holds the meaning that you in this orientation shall be constantly comfortable being interactive with many other individuals, that you shall naturally flow in interactions in groups, that you shall naturally project your energy outwardly to be interactive with many, many individuals, that you shall be affiliating yourselves with different organizations, different groups of individuals, that you shall express comfort in crowds of individuals, that you shall be within your natural element to be the center of attention as surrounded by multitudes of other individuals.

MARY: That is so not me!

ELIAS: This is also not the expression, in its natural form, of the soft orientation.

When I express to you that you shall be experiencing conflict holding this orientation of soft if you are not continuously interactive with other individuals, I am not expressing to you that you need be upon the forefront of all movements or that you need be entertaining continuously with large groups of individuals! (Mary laughs)

What I AM expressing to you is the reality that you shall naturally notice throughout the entirety of your focus, that within any moment of your focus, you shall be most comfortable knowing that you are engaging in intimacy with other individuals. This may be with family, this may be with one individual of your family; this may be with a partner, this may be with a parent; an individual that you consider or define to be an intensely close friend.

It may be an expression with large groups of individuals that you view as one body - that you do not single out many, many, many individuals in the group and interact in intimate relationship with each of those individuals, but that you may engage yourself in involvement with a group of individuals that within your perception you view as a whole, as one entity, one body. Therefore, the group assumes a very similar identity as one individual.

Some individuals holding the orientation of soft are very interactive with large groups of individuals, but in their perception of those groups, they view the group as one entity, not as separate individuals.

MARY: That rings so true for me, Elias! That's fascinating.

ELIAS: Which allows you to be interactive with these groups as a whole, so to speak, without individually being interactive in intimacy with each member of the group.

MARY: Wow. Fascinating!

ELIAS: Now; individuals holding the orientation of soft, as I have expressed previously, create inwardly and outwardly. Their perception is created objectively and subjectively, which is in continuous motion and is expressed uninterrupted. It is not one or the other. They are simultaneously being created continuously.

MARY: Is this in the allowance of the natural flow?

ELIAS: You shall be creating in this manner regardless of whether you are allowing the natural flow, but if you are not allowing the natural flow, you shall also incorporate some elements of conflict, for you create comparisons with the common, and therefore create judgments upon your creation and expressions.

This particular creation that you are inquiring of now is one of those types of behaviors and expressions. You create an expression of what you identify in the comparison as a retreat. It is not in actuality a retreat. It is an interaction inward. It is the allowance of the energy to be expressed in the subjective and the inward creation action.

At times, as individuals holding the orientation of soft are attempting to be channeling that element of their energy into the flow of the common expression, there becomes a creation of frustration, and in this, the individual shall turn their attention and create a more extreme expression of that inward creation.

In those time frameworks, the individual turns the attention away from what you view to be the outward creations, and creates what you view to be an isolation. Some individuals express this to be turning off, shutting down, closing out, isolating, retreating...

MARY: Hiding.

ELIAS: Hiding. (Smiling) Individuals holding this orientation of soft create this type of action in commonality with each other, for it is an extreme in the allowance of the flow of creating inwardly.

...individuals that hold this orientation and express elements of creativity outwardly in what you may term to be artistic qualities experience what is commonly termed to be artistic blocks, for the expression is not merely turned in the manner that you disengage interaction with other individuals - or wish to be objectively disengaging activity and interaction with other individuals - but with ALL outward creation. This is the expression of the extreme.

In the allowance of the natural flow, there is no necessity for the creation of the extreme, for there is a continual acknowledgment that you are allowing yourself to be creating inwardly and outwardly continuously, and you are not expressing justification or objective excuses for your natural flow, but merely allowing this natural flow.

...this is the area in which you are requiring the acceptance of self, for this acceptance of self is the expression that shall allow you, in your terms, the strength to be expressing your natural flow without creating the comparison of yourself to the perception of the common and without allowing yourself to be discounting of self in receiving the projections of energy in a lack of understanding from other individuals holding the orientation of common, for you all concern yourselves greatly with how you shall be perceived by other individuals. You concern yourself with other individuals' perceptions and how they shall view you, and how you shall fit in how they view you.

In this, if you are not allowing yourself the prerequisite, so to speak, of the acceptance of self, you shall not afford yourself the strength and the trust within yourself to be allowing yourself your natural expression and your natural behaviors. You shall continue to attempt to fit yourself into the expressions of the common.

...The initial creation of this behavior is motivated by your perceived need to be expressing and creating inwardly, and in that, your attention turns temporarily within different time frameworks, in which you create behaviors such as isolation or a lack of motivation.

Now; be recognizing that even within those time frameworks, you do not isolate yourself entirely. You continue to be interactive partially in those relationships that you view to be the most intimate, which is quite in accordance with this orientation of soft.

...this particular orientation DOES generally create a continuous flow of interaction with other individuals. It may not necessarily be expressed in actual physical presence continuously within every moment, but there is a design of relationship which underlyingly affords a continuous energy exchange that you hold an awareness of, and as I have stated, this may be with another individual in the role of partner or child or friend or parent, a sibling - it matters not. It shall be a design of relationship that holds an expression of intimacy, which you hold an objective knowing of its presence continuously. This is fulfilling of the objective outward expression of your orientation of soft.

Now; as an individual holding this orientation moves into more of an extreme of isolation and is not creating of any intimacy in relationship in any capacity, there shall be expressed an intensity of conflict and discomfort, for this is entirely not a natural flow of energy to this particular orientation.

I express to you that each orientation is a perception. It is how you view yourself, other individuals, and your world. This is the design of how you view all of your reality. Therefore, it permeates every element of your reality.

...an individual holding the orientation of common may enter a room occupied with one hundred individuals. They shall notice that there are one hundred individuals in that room. An individual holding the orientation of soft may enter the same room and view one body of the group of individuals within the room. The number is inconsequential. It matters not, for they view through their perception that this group of individuals is one entity, and they may interact with different individuals within that group in momentary expressions, in the same manner that you may focus your attention upon your finger or your knee or your ribs, recognizing that they are all elements of the same body.

The individual of the common perception shall view each individual within the room as an individual; they shall view one hundred bodies.

...Your perception is your reality. Therefore, if your perception is different, your reality is different.

Now; as you have created a familiarity in this action of retreat or hiding and attempting to be disassociating yourself with other individuals, you have also created an element of comfort in that familiarity. Regardless that you identify and define the action or the behavior as unusual or different or not normal, you do experience an element of comfort in that hiding or in that expression of isolation. It offers you what you individually within yourself identify as your respite, which is a comfort, and in this comfort and in this familiarity, you have also created an automatic movement into that type of behavior and expression as triggered by much outward stimulation.

As you focus your attention outwardly for extended time frameworks and are not allowing the natural flow of the inward simultaneously ... be remembering, it is being expressed regardless, but you are not allowing for the natural flow of that expression. Energy shall be expressed, but it may not be expressed in a natural flow.

...as you hold your attention for extended time frameworks outwardly and are busying yourself creating, creating, creating in your outward expression, quite pleased with yourself that you are fitting into the expression of the common, you also exhaust yourself, for you are simultaneously continuously diverting the natural flow of energy inwardly - which shall be expressed anyway - and creating a type of stifling of that element of your creation.

MARY: So it's very much like holding to energy.

ELIAS: Quite, and this becomes quite fatiguing throughout your time framework, for you are expressing more of an intensity of energy than is necessary.

MARY: Why do I go there naturally? ...

ELIAS: You do this for you are not objectively familiar with your natural flow of energy, for you have reinforced - and your society has reinforced to you throughout your focus - that your natural flow of energy is incorrect...

MARY: It's a matter of trust, isn't it, Elias?


MARY: That's an important aspect of all this.

ELIAS: Trust and acceptance, yes.

...Visualize yourself standing within a stream. The water is rushing about you within this stream.

Now; you are outwardly creating the flow of the water, and this appears to you to be quite pleasing and acceptable, and it appears to other individuals to be acceptable also. But simultaneously, as you are creating this flow of the water of the stream that you are standing within, you are also collecting stones and creating a dam in part of this stream. Therefore, you are blocking the flow of part of the water, and you continue and continue and continue to be placing stone upon stone upon stone, which becomes quite exhausting, for the stones are becoming quite heavy, and you continue to be piling these stones one upon another to be holding back that water which should not be flowing with the other water, and therefore diverting the flow of that water into another direction. The water continues to flow, but it is flowing in another direction.

MARY: It's unnatural.

ELIAS: Quite, as it is contained by the stones and being diverted by the stones, and much of your energy continues to be focused upon building this wall of stones that shall contain that flow of energy and divert it in another direction, and therefore it shall not flow naturally with the other water of the stream, but shall be creating another separate stream, which you may attend to in your attention at times in which you perceive that the flow of water may be constricted or may be needing your attention or may be flowing too quickly or too slowly. But for the most part, you shall concern yourself with continuing in piling the stones.

MARY: That certainly rings true.

ELIAS: ...In this time framework, you all are beginning the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

Now; hypothetically and theoretically speaking, this would be quite a natural and easy expression for those of you holding this orientation of soft, for you already naturally flow with this type of energy and you already hold this perception, in part.

But as you are so familiar with creating your little stone walls, diverting your flow of your streams and sectioning it into two directions of energy rather than one direction of energy, you as soft may be experiencing very much similarities to individuals of the orientations of common and intermediate in the insertion of this shift into your objective reality, for you continuously attempt to separate your objective and subjective, your inward and outward creating, to be matching that of the expression of the common.

...as to what you individually are creating in this new expression of hiding...you incorporate a slightly different element in this familiar behavior. The new element is an experience of a type of disassociation, ... There is a new element of confusion, for there is a new incorporation of fogginess.

You choose to be creating the familiarity of isolating or retreating or hiding, but in that action and in that time framework in which you allow yourself solitude, you are also experiencing this fogginess in thoughts, less clarity, more of an element of vagueness, in a manner of speaking, less definition. You are moving from the expressions of the black and the white into the gray.

This becomes of concern also, for now, within your comparison, you are not merely creating the retreat and the isolation, which is not normal and which is dysfunctional, within your assessment, but you are also losing your clarity!

MARY: On top of everything else! That's all I need! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And becoming less functional, for you are not allowing yourself the sharpness that you have enjoyed previously.

MARY: It's a feeling of slipping, like I'm slipping. My movement has taken a sabbatical!

ELIAS: ...let me express to you an encouragement, for you are not slipping and you are not becoming less clear. What you are allowing yourself temporarily is the viewing of the movement of these energies more closely together. You are allowing yourself to be removing some of the stones, and allowing the water to spill over into the flow of the stream.

In this, you may allow yourself a comparison, but not with the expression of the perception of common. Allow yourself a comparison with yourself, for what you are creating is the beginnings of an allowance of energies to merge once again, and cross over.

This may be likened to your waking state and your sleep state. You view these to be quite separate. You hold one state of being, so to speak, in which you view yourself to be awake and interactive within one type of reality, or you are asleep and you are interactive within dream state, which is another type of reality, in your definition.

What you are allowing in this fogginess and this lack of clarity - which is in actuality neither - is the mergence of these two states, the objective and the subjective. You are allowing the crossing over, in a manner of speaking, of what you would liken to the dream state and the waking state.

MARY: Is it sort of a subjective assimilating that I may be choosing to bring into objective awareness, in a sense?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, more of an objective awareness. You already hold some objective awareness of your subjective activity and movement. All individuals holding the orientation of soft hold some objective awareness of their subjective movement and action, but you are allowing yourself MORE of an objective recognition.

MARY: It does feel that way, Elias.

ELIAS: Therefore, be encouraged, my friend! You are not slipping and you are not losing your mind and you are not experiencing lunacy!

...Acknowledge yourself. Allow yourself the encouragement that you are a wondrous creature, and also acknowledge yourself in the choice of this perception of soft, for you allow yourself a tremendous exploration and adventure, and in this, you create through a perception which is unlike that of individuals holding the orientations of common or intermediate. You are unique, and in this, your expression of creativity is unique, and offered in a manner that only those individuals holding this orientation may be offering.

605, 2000-04-26 Now; this partially also is intensified by your orientation in this focus...in the design of this particular orientation [of soft], in the action of subjective and objective, inward and outward movement of energy and expression, you interact with these energy surges in consciousness differently than an individual may interact holding a different orientation.

...that this particular type of expression, in headaches and even the incorporation of affectingness within vision or eyes, is more widely expressed in conjunction to energy surges within individuals in this particular orientation.

This is not to say that you may not be creating another expression if you are so choosing, but as this is a widely expressed creation in this particular orientation, that also lends an ease to its incorporation within any individual.

616, 2000-05-12 In this particular orientation of soft, you engage a continuous awareness of the objective and subjective movements.

Now; this is not to say that you hold an objective understanding of both of these types of awareness, or that you continuously hold an objective definition for either of these awarenesses, but you do hold an awareness of the movement of the actions and the directions of both of the subjective and objective awarenesses within one focus.

...not all individuals that have chosen the orientation of soft shall create this same type of extreme interaction and the matching of the subjective and the objective imagery or communications, but it is not unusual, in your terms, for an individual that is of the orientation of soft to be creating this type of action.

What is occurring outside of you and within your objective awareness appears to be unsettled, and in a manner of speaking, extreme, and therefore, in a response to that, you create a likeness in extreme with the subjective imagery and communication. Therefore, there may be an allowance of more bleed-throughs, more recognition of what you term to be unofficial information, more activity in which you shall be objectifying subjective movement or communication, which may express itself within elements of your creativity, or it may express itself quite strongly within visualizations or dream state, meditations, even experiences associated with substances, which may appear more intense within those time frameworks than it may manifest within other time frameworks.

635, 2000-06-09 You allow yourself much less limitation within your dream state, and in this, you also allow yourself to move more freely through your beliefs. They are not quite as influencing of you and your choices within your dream state as they may appear within your waking state. You offer yourself much information and communication within your dream state.

Now; many individuals do not offer themselves the action of recall of their dream activity, but they are engaging this activity regardless. Some individuals allow themselves to be recalling their dream imagery more frequently and more fully than other individuals.

[intermediate and soft] allow themselves to be recalling objectively their dream imagery more easily...

...recall of dream imagery is an objective action. The incorporation of identification of your dream imagery, in terms that you understand or in images that you may identify, is also an objective action. Individuals that incorporate the orientation of soft are accustomed to this action, for they create this type of action continuously throughout their focus, of moving their attention in and out of their objective and subjective awarenesses. Therefore, they interplay their objective awareness within their dream activity quite frequently, which offers them also an ease in recall of dream imagery.

Intermediate individuals allow themselves a recall of dream imagery quite frequently, for the dream state is in actuality a subjective movement, and intermediate individuals focus their attention subjectively. Therefore, they create an ease in their identification of dream state. Those individuals of intermediate may also allow themselves to be connecting with much information through dream state. They may be accessing information of other focuses and other areas of consciousness and other types of experiences much more easily within the dream state than they may allow themselves within waking state.

As soft, you may be incorporating either action. You may choose to be incorporating these types of activities within your waking objective state, or you may incorporate other states of subjective movement and you may access information as easily.

...the reason that you identify yourself differently in this expression of emotional focus is that you incorporate both emotional focus and soft orientation. Therefore, you also exhibit more, objectively speaking, of an expression of emotion, and you focus your attention more fully in the expression of emotion.

JEN: Oh. (Pause) As a soft orientation, I do feel very different, like it definitely sets me apart. (Elias nods) Yeah?

ELIAS: ...in interaction with other individuals that hold this same orientation, you may discover that they also experience this unusualness or differentness or strangeness...

643, 2000-06-16 This one particular orientation of soft exhibits a unique type of expression in intimate relationships which are created in what you identify physically as "romantic relationships" ... for you may be creating of intimacy in the roles of other relationships.

But in this particular type of relationship, quite often individuals holding this orientation of soft, and coupling themselves together with another individual of that same orientation, may experience what appears objectively to be extremes within the expressions of their relationships.

In your very common terms physically, you express within this time framework quite highs and quite lows, an intensity of passion which may be expressed in extreme closeness and what you identify as positive and pleasure, or it may also be expressed in intensity of conflict, or what appears to you objectively as a lack of understanding exhibited by each other or misunderstanding exhibited by each other.

...You mirror each other in different OUTWARD expressions, or so you think! But in actuality, the energy that is exhibited and the behaviors that are produced are so very similar that as you look to your partner and you view their behavior, in a manner of speaking, it reflects too closely. Therefore, you do not allow yourself to recognize the mirror that is occurring.

If you are genuinely allowing yourselves each, even momentarily, to stop within these time frameworks of friction, in which you each are viewing that the other is entirely misunderstanding you, or you are experiencing complete bafflement at the expression of the other individual, as you stop and you allow yourself merely a moment to be viewing and listening to the expression of the other individual WITHOUT your own response, you may offer yourself valuable information.

But as you encounter individuals that mirror such a clear reflection of your core beliefs, you retreat, and you express to yourselves and to the other individual, "I am entirely not understanding of your expression," for you block, for you wish not to view THIS clarity of mirroring!

...there is great passion expressed within this particular orientation. Therefore, there are great exhibitions of energy. You may express figuratively to yourselves that you create great passionate pageants of fireworks in your own expressions of energy. It may be quite overwhelming to be exploding many fireworks simultaneously!

...As you encounter other individuals holding a different orientation, ...you all hold an inner knowing of the differences. Therefore, you also create a type of allowance, in some aspects, within yourselves for the difference of languages. ...there is expressed in some aspects...a type of tolerance, so to speak, for the interactions which occur between different orientations.

But within the same orientations, there is also an underlying knowing, which creates an expectation that you DO speak the same language. Therefore, you "should" know each other and you "should" understand each other. But as I have stated, this particular orientation objectively presents a very strong mirroring as you couple yourselves together.

652, 2000-06-29 ...many times with individuals that are creating a manifestation holding the orientation of soft, the individual views many expressions that appear obviously different in their natural expression from their comparison to other individuals.

You base your assessment of yourself upon your experiences within this physical manifestation. Therefore, if your experiences are consistently moving in a direction of recognition that your expression is different from other individuals' expressions, you are repeatedly discounting of self, and through the movement of a time framework, individuals may move in the expression of retreat. They may move in the expression of anger. They may move in the expression of fear, complacency. They may create an expression of disengaging their allowance for emotional expression. They may express emotional qualities in extreme.

There are many different types of responses, ...that individuals engage, but the underlying reason, ...is that the individual is not comfortable or offering themselves a feeling of safety, and is not expressing an acceptability within self if they are expressing their natural flow of energy.

...You allow yourself moments of expression in a natural flow in isolation, so to speak. You allow yourself the safety of your expression in aloneness, but in that aloneness, you are also not allowing yourself to be expressing other aspects of your natural flow of energy.

DARYL: So that's one reason that I do like being alone, 'cause I do feel, at times, it frees me up to be me.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am understanding of your choice in this expression, but it also creates a reinforcement of the fear, for you hold yourself in this constraint of your energy, and you only allow a free flow of that energy within certain time frameworks in which you create what you perceive to be an atmosphere of safety, and this atmosphere of safety, within your perception, does not include interaction with other individuals.

DARYL: No, it doesn't.

ELIAS: But as you are aware and may view within yourself, although you may be creating this environment of safety in this aloneness, you also obviously view how that choice creates a reinforcement of the fear, and creates more and more of a separation between yourself and other individuals.

But you continue to hold the desire to be interactive with other individuals. I am not expressing that you hold a desire to be interactive with crowds, but you block yourself from interaction with ANY individuals, and this moves contrary to your natural flow of energy, and you are recognizing of that, for it creates an uncomfortableness within you and within your experience, one that you wish to be altering.

But the fear has been reinforced to a tremendous extent...

DARYL: I know that I feel pretty inept at trying to be around other people, and I have a tendency to just say, "This is boring and I want to get away." But I know a lot of it has to do with just feeling, I think, my difference between them and me, and not knowing how to deal with it.

ELIAS: ...turn your attention to self. For as you continue to allow yourself to become more and more familiar with yourself, and you allow yourself to move into the expression of acceptance with self, what you accomplish in this action is the thrust of energy which strikes down the entity of fear to the degree that it becomes very small, and as it becomes very small, you allow yourself the opportunity to clear your vision and view beyond it.

But first, there is importance in the action of offering yourself the expression of acceptability. For if you are not, in a manner of speaking, armed with your knowing of acceptance and acceptability of self, as you encounter difference outside of yourself, you shall automatically move in the familiar expressions of experiencing threateningness and retreating once again into the expression of fear, for this is the manifestation of your lack of acceptance within self.

Therefore, the method, so to speak, to be moving beyond the fear and into the allowance of your natural expression in its fullness is to be first turning your attention to self, and offering that acceptance to self first.

DARYL: Wow. (Elias chuckles) Okay, well that's ... because I've also had the impression that I have not had a lot of relationships with people holding the orientation of soft, especially lately.

ELIAS: You are correct, and ...many individuals that hold this orientation of soft draw themselves to individuals that are not of this orientation.

DARYL: Why is that? An attempt to fit in, or...?

ELIAS: Partially. ...individuals that hold the orientation of soft objectively are attracted, in a manner of speaking, to other individuals that are soft. They also experience what you may term to be a type of recognition of kinship objectively with other individuals holding this orientation.

But there is also an innate knowing within individuals of this orientation that in intimacy with each other, there is a tremendous expression of mirroring that is created in an intensity that many times may be creating of an objective uncomfortableness, and many individuals that hold this orientation of soft, in a manner of speaking, shy away from this type of interaction, for it is presenting them with intense challenges.

743, 2000-12-17 The function of emotion within this physical dimension is an avenue of communication from the subjective to the objective awareness. There is a continuous input of communication from the subjective to the objective through the avenue of emotion.

In this, an individual of thought focus or political focus or religious focus holding the orientation of soft shall be expressing that emotional communication in different manner and many times more often than an individual that may be of those three types of focuses but holding the orientation of common or intermediate, for the subjective and objective are held in equal attention.

Therefore, the attention is acknowledging that communication continuously, even though the individual may not be emotionally focused. They may not be processing their communications through the identification of emotion first, but they are paying attention to that communication continuously.

...an analogy ...of viewing an individual holding the orientation of soft as being a very, very shallow pond, in which the ground of the pond or the bottom of the pond is quite visible to the surface of the pond.

The bottom of the pond may be likened to the attention of the subjective, and the surface of the pond to the attention of the objective awareness, and within this particular pond, they are so closely associated that from the vantage point, figuratively speaking, of the objective, the subjective is always within view.

The pebbles upon the ground of your pond are quite visible continuously, and this is expressed through the continuous communication of emotion.

...these aspects of yourself are not separated. One is not creating any expression within your physical reality that the other is not simultaneously creating.

Within yourself, the exchange which is occurring in relation to perception may be expressed in both directions.

...within the expression of an individual that holds the orientation of intermediate, the perception moves in an association, ...that the subjective shall create the initial direction, and the objective shall express the physical manifestation of that direction.

...this is figuratively speaking, for one does not follow the other. But in the manner of attention, the attention is held more in strength with the subjective, and therefore, this is more of the directing force of the perception with an individual holding the orientation of intermediate.

With an individual holding the orientation of common, the attention is held more fully or in strength in the objective. Therefore, this is more directing, ...not that the subjective follows the objective, but ...the objective may create many expressions first, and the subjective shall be compliant with those creations.

In the orientation of soft, you create both. At times the objective may assume the lead, so to speak, and at times the subjective may assume the lead. At times your attention is focused equally in both areas of awareness. At times you may move your attention to be more dominant in one or the other. For the most part, your attention is equal in both areas of awareness.

761, 2001-01-20 ...your most efficient expression, in relation to interaction with another individual holding this orientation of soft, shall be to hold your attention upon you. For as you project your attention outward and hold your attention upon the other individual, as another soft individual, you may be encountering great challenges. For ...soft individuals, ...hold an expertise in tossing the ball to the other individual, and in that action, ...you are each quite efficient at immediately projecting the reflection to other individuals. You automatically create this action.

DARYL: I'm not clear on what you're saying.

ELIAS: As you interact with other individuals, regardless of their orientation, as a soft individual, you automatically create a reflection of each individual that you encounter, so to speak. It requires no thought. It requires no communication within yourself. It is an automatic action that is created in association with this particular orientation. You are all quite efficient at creating this immediate reflection to other individuals. Other individuals many times experience an ease in viewing their own expressions through the reflection of you as a soft orientation.

Objectively, for the most part, each of you does not pay attention to that automatic reflecting action that you create. It is an automatic action. But as you encounter each other as soft individuals, allowing yourself an awareness that this is an automatic action that you create, you do not merely receive the reflection. You present the reflection also.

...as you turn your attention to the other individual, you no longer are holding your attention upon you and paying attention to the reflection you are presenting yourself with, and you are not paying attention to the reflection you are offering. Therefore, in interaction with another soft individual, it is most beneficial to you to hold your attention within you, for you shall present yourself with much less confusion and much less conflict than you shall move into with this particular orientation and the interactions of it.

784, 2001-02-22 ...incorporating the orientation of soft, your emotional communication is expressed in a manner which is identified by the objective awareness more quickly and many times what may be viewed as more obviously, for your subjective and objective awarenesses are expressed with less separation and veil between them within the objective recognition of the subjective awareness.

...as you express an emotional communication, in like manner to other individuals holding other orientations you pay attention to the signal, which is the feeling or the outward expression of the emotion, but you are not necessarily receiving the communication which is incorporated in that emotion; therefore you begin engaging your thought process in an attempt to offer yourself an explanation of why you are expressing this emotion. But this question is familiar to you, and directs your attention automatically into distractions; therefore you attempt to be attaching an event to the emotion, for your automatic definition and association with emotion is that it is an expression of reaction, not a communication.

Therefore, as you attempt to be attaching an event to the emotion and defining the emotion as a reaction to the event, your attention is distracted, and subsequently you do not receive the message which is contained within the emotion.

Now; the message that is expressed in the emotion precisely identifies what you are creating in the moment. It recognizes the interplay of all of your associations, all of your beliefs that may be influencing of you in the moment and how those expressions are influencing of your perception, and therefore offers you a clear and precise identification of what you are actually creating in the moment.

...Your thoughts are not offering the message, in themselves. Your thoughts are not an avenue of communication in themselves. This is not their design or their construct. Your thoughts are a function that you have created within this physical dimension to be interpreting and translating communication which is offered through emotion or through other avenues such as your senses, your impressions, your impulses, your intuition, and your physical creations that you display within your body consciousness. Are you understanding?

799, 2001-03-17 ...This orientation of soft allows you a unique ability to be observing and interpreting your objective and subjective awarenesses simultaneously and equally in clarity. The other two orientations do not incorporate this action in this manner.

JENNY: Can you say that in a different way?

ELIAS: I shall offer the analogy that I have expressed previously: view yourself as a pond... This particular pond is very shallow. The shallowness of this pond allows clear vision of the surface and of the bed.

...in viewing yourself as this pond, the surface is your objective awareness, that which you incorporate to interpret all that is physically expressed within your world: all that you see, all that you view, all that you engage through many of your communications to yourself.

Your subjective awareness is the bed of the pond. This aspect of your awareness to many individuals appears hidden or removed from them. In the choice of orientation of soft, the subjective is clearly viewed. It is shallow enough that the individual holds an objective awareness of all that is subjective. Your dream imagery is a subjective movement which is translated as you awake into objective terms. Your emotional expressions are subjective communications offered through a signal that is recognizable to your objective awareness.

...you also allow yourself the ability to interpret subjective action and movement quickly. Impulses, impressions, are subjective actions which are interpreted objectively. These may be easily identified within your focus. This also lends to your ease in allowing yourself to view the entirety of yourself. You may momentarily allow yourself to scan your physical form, so to speak, and identify quite quickly an energy which may be expressed out of balance.

819, 2001-04-08 ELIAS: You have expressed to myself that you have offered yourself an impression that this individual incorporates the orientation of intermediate. You have also offered to myself that you hold an intimate knowing of this individual objectively, and therefore you have created the assessment of this orientation.

BEN: Yes.

ELIAS: Ah! These are very different expressions, the recognition in physical terms of this individual and the intimacy of your relationship has colored your interpretation of your impression. there are certain aspects of these two particular orientations that are transversed in many individual's understanding of the expressions of these orientations. Qualities that are in actuality ascribed to those individuals of soft are many times misunderstood and ascribed to individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate.

...in my information concerning qualities of intermediate and soft orientations there is an automatic association of many individuals in which you view individuals holding the orientation of soft to be much more interactive objectively than those individuals of intermediate.

...An individual holding the orientation of intermediate may appear to you, objectively, to be quite self-absorbed to the exclusion of other individuals or their concern of other individuals. Individuals holding the orientation of intermediate objectively express a type of interaction with other individuals that may be viewed by you as being quite, in your terms, egocentric, to what may appear to be almost an extreme. Regardless of your intimacy with the individual, their focus shall be NOT upon you. Their focus of their attention shall be entirely upon themselves.

...individuals holding the orientation of soft, are much more likely to be isolating themselves at times, to not be objectively interactive with other individuals but also to be expressing a genuine movement that is requiring, in your terms, of some aspect of interaction of other individuals even within the time frameworks in which they view themselves, or other individuals view them, as being isolating themselves.

one of the reasons that these individuals in particular create this type of expression of singularity and what you term to be isolation is the continuous expression of objective and subjective awareness which expresses in equality with these individuals in an objective manner, which becomes confusing with these individuals; and at times they may experience an overwhelmingness in that action, and therefore view within their perceptions that they need be removing themselves from interaction with other individuals, that they may allow themselves movement into clarity.

this isolation does not necessarily accomplish what they wish it shall be accomplishing.

...And shall this be expressed in colorfulness in the interaction between these two individuals? [Soft] orientation is the one of the three that shall express more conflict in the intimacy of two individuals holding the same orientation.

...you do incorporate the same language, as I have expressed in relation to orientation, but you also express a tremendous intensity of your language.

this particular type of interaction between individuals both incorporating the orientation of soft may be likened to an analogy of a game of bouncing a ball to each other.

You may bounce a ball to Albert, and Albert [Common] shall bounce the ball back to you.

You may bounce the ball to another individual holding the orientation of intermediate, and they may hold the ball temporarily, but they shall also bounce the ball back to you and play.

You may bounce the ball to Tyne, and he shall THROW the ball back to you and express to you, "This is YOUR ball. I shall play with MY ball, and you shall play with your ball, and do not attempt to throw the ball to me again!"

822, 2001-04-15 JEN: ...But see, I'm a softie, and I think that makes me want a relationship to be a certain way, and as we know, the amount of people there are that are softies, you don't really meet that many of them. But maybe I can! ...

ELIAS: ...within your movement in creating a relationship with yourself, I may suggest that you may consider not necessarily seeking out an intimate relationship romantically with another individual of this orientation.

JEN: Of soft? ... Why? 'Cause they're all out of control, aren't they?


JEN: I bet they are. I know me ... well, you know!

ELIAS: Although you speak the same language, I may express to you, romantic entanglements between two individuals of this particular orientation may be quite challenging.

JEN: Why? Because it's so much? That we're just being expressed?

ELIAS: For you are creating the same type of action with each other, and in this there is an intensity of mirroring, and at times with the expressions of individuals holding this orientation of soft, there may be an expression of friction, so to speak...

JEN: Oh, no shit! I wouldn't have guessed that. I don't think I'm really interactive with a lot of softies right now, except maybe that kid, Alex. Is he soft?


JEN: He is! Okay, I know what you're talking about. It's too much! It is sort of too much.

ELIAS: ...individuals that hold this orientation of soft may be creating quite strongly expressed intimate relationships with other individuals holding that same orientation. But ...these types of relationships shall quite challenge your acceptance of self, for you may be expressing more of a requirement, ...of your own recognition of acceptance and the ability to hold your attention upon self, ...more strongly than individuals holding the other orientations.

The reason that this is expressed many times in relationships with two individuals holding this orientation of soft is that the mirroring of each other is expressed quite intensely. Therefore, that action creates an ease and a familiarity with projecting your attention outside of yourself, for this is a familiar expression within your physical dimension. Therefore, your automatic response to the other individual, generally speaking, shall be to focus your attention upon THEM.

830, 2001-05-03 AXEL: ...I have a feeling when I sleep less, it's like I have a sharpened awareness sort of, but then at the same time it can get too much. I cannot handle it any more, all the impressions that I have, and it's tweaking me everywhere.

ELIAS: ...it may be helpful to you to allow yourself not to be forcing yourself to be creating these types of expressions continuously, for what you have created is an objective realization that as you incorporate less sleep, you allow yourself more of a clarity in the recognition of your objective and subjective communications and imagery. But ...in relation to your orientation [Soft] this at times may be overwhelming.

...allow yourself the recognition that you have not throughout your focus to this point allowed yourself this type of an awareness, and therefore it is unfamiliar to you.

You have, in like manner to other individuals holding this orientation, created your own movement in methods, so to speak, in allowing yourself to listen to both awarenesses at times; but at other times you efficiently focus your attention in one or the other expression of awareness, either the subjective or the objective, almost to the exclusion of the other. This is an action that is quite commonly expressed in what may be suggested as a natural movement, an automatic expression, with individuals holding this particular orientation. It is expressed without a thought process and not objectively, intentionally, in a manner of speaking. Are you following thus far?

AXEL: Not exactly the last part. I understand sometimes I focus my attention almost exclusively objectively or subjectively, but in which way is that related to my sleeping pattern? You say it's natural, but is that ... should I rather try to harmonize both? I don't really get this point.

ELIAS: ...as you enter this manifestation you quickly, in your terms, create methods in which you move your attention back and forth, so to speak, between your objective awareness and your subjective awareness - one being recessive, the other being dominant - but holding the ability to move your attention back and forth, creating the dominance with either awareness in equal manner.

Now; this becomes a quite familiar action. You allow yourself certain time frameworks and certain expressions and activities that you focus your attention in the subjective expressions. Many individuals holding this orientation engage sleep time framework to be engaging their attention with the subjective imagery and expressions.

You also create waking time frameworks in which you may be creating some type of objective movement that requires no objective thought process. These are the other time frameworks in which you naturally allow yourself to be focusing your attention upon the subjective awareness, even with waking state. Some individuals create this in what you term to be artistic expressions; some individuals allow themselves this type of movement in the engagement of mundane activities. It matters not. You hold an awareness that you, in like manner to other individuals holding this orientation, engage certain time frameworks within your waking state in which you may describe your state of being, so to speak, as not objectively focused. Are you understanding thus far?

AXEL: Yes.

ELIAS: ...you have also, relatively speaking in recent time framework, allowed yourself a new movement. This engages less of a sleep time framework and different sleep patterns. This creates a different type of movement than is familiar to you in the back-and-forth action of moving your attention from the objective to the subjective.

Now; the movement that this creates is less of a definition or separation between the attention, as directed to the objective and the subjective. They become more merged with each other in an objective awareness.

Now; as this becomes exciting to you in your exploration, you intentionally create this action more frequently. But as you create this action more frequently, you are not recognizing that this action is unfamiliar and different from what you automatically and naturally have created previously. Therefore it becomes overwhelming, for you are unfamiliar with the volume of input that you allow yourself to be experiencing now.

AXEL: Orientation, soft, wow! So Nichol is common - I didn't think that! She's not even a good match for me then! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not necessarily, ...you may be creating relationships with other individuals in intimacy and not hold the same orientation. The advantage in your terms in holding the same orientation is that you shall underlyingly speak the same language, so to speak, and therefore hold an objective understanding of each other.

But ...although you may be engaging the same language as another individual holding this same orientation, two individuals in intimacy in this orientation may be creating challenges initially if the individuals are not focusing their attention quite upon themselves, and if they are not accepting and trusting of themselves. For, individuals of this orientation create a tremendous expression of mirroring to each other, which also many times in intimate relationships creates tremendous challenge and often creates conflict.

...you may be engaging intimacy in relationship with another individual of this orientation, and you may be creating a tremendous expression of appreciation, understanding, and a tremendous expression of intimacy between yourself and the other individual; but the challenge which is presented is that each of the individuals holds an acceptance of themselves and also objectively holds their attention upon self and does not project their attention and expectations to the other individual.

932, 2002-10-20 many times individuals within physical focus misinterpret information concerning orientations and confuse the influence of orientations with the influence of beliefs or expressions of focus types. there are many influencing factors, which may generate challenge or even difficulty between individuals within physical focus. For the most part, individuals incorporating the orientation of soft experience little conflict and difficulty or challenge in interaction with individuals incorporating the other two orientations, but may experience great challenge, or significant challenge, in interaction with another individual incorporating the same orientation of soft in intimate relationships.

the orientation of soft may not experience tremendous challenge interacting with another individual holding the orientation of soft if they are not incorporating an intimate relationship.

the reason that the soft orientation may experience challenge with individuals that are incorporating this same orientation in intimacy is that the interaction requires the individual to focus their attention upon self. For individuals that incorporate this orientation of soft are less inclined to be accepting energy projections of other individuals, and in that, lean in the direction of projecting the energy back to the other individual.

You may be interactive with an individual that is common, and they may express to you in conversation that they wish to incorporate an activity with you. They wish to be incorporating the action of viewing a particular motion picture with you, and you may express that you are not quite interested in their choice of the particular motion picture. The individual that holds the orientation of common may express to you a compliance and inquire of a suggestion from you in what you term to be compromise, and together you may choose a motion picture that is agreeable to you both.

You may incorporate the same scenario with an individual that is incorporating the orientation of intermediate. as you express that you wish not to be viewing the motion picture that the intermediate individual has suggested, they may express similarly to the common individual initially and create discussion with you to be discovering a mutual motion picture that you choose to engage together, but they shall also express to you that they shall choose to incorporate the motion picture that they have chosen regardless of whether you choose to engage that activity with them or not.

Now; you may present the same scenario with another soft individual. In this, the individual that is soft is less likely to be engaging discussion with you for they have incorporated their choice. if you wish not to be incorporating that choice, their response may more likely be, "Very well, I shall incorporate this motion picture, and perhaps we shall engage interaction with each other in another time framework in which we shall engage a motion picture together that we are in agreement upon."

this may appear hypothetically as quite acceptable, but in realistic terms what shall be the expression of the other soft individual, which is an automatic response, which is highly likely? I shall express to you that the highly likely automatic response of the other soft individual shall be defensiveness and irritation, and they shall express to the other soft individual, "Pardon me! Very well! Go to your motion picture! I wish not to participate anyway!"

983, 2002-01-18 SHERI: How is that different than when I do it as soft? Because it seems like I look at the objective and see how it's reflecting what's going on in me. Is that the same type of thing or...?

ELIAS: No. Individuals holding the orientation of soft interpret quite differently.

...this is not to say that individuals that incorporate the orientation of soft may not be interactive with individuals that are common and translate languages quite efficiently. Let me also express to you, individuals that hold the orientation of soft translate, in a manner of speaking, efficiently with the orientations of common or intermediate. Individuals that are soft may be, figuratively speaking, viewed as the middle position and may efficiently translate languages of intermediate or common.

Now; individuals that incorporate this orientation of soft also incorporate more difficulty in interaction with another individual who is soft, for the mirroring is quite intense, and if the individual is not focusing their attention quite intently upon self, there may be fertile ground for conflict between two individuals of the soft orientation.

Now; in your orientation - which is quite coloring, so to speak, of your perception, as each orientation is - you may project outwardly at times and generate objective imagery to be creating a reflection of yourself that you may view and interpret, but you also generate subjective communication with self. Therefore, the actions that are occurring are quite different. An individual such as your friend may choose to be incorporating a time framework in what you term to be alone, but shall continue to manifest outwardly objectively and shall be interactive with the objective imagery to offer himself information.

Now; in time frameworks in which you, incorporating the soft orientation, choose to be removing yourself from interaction with other individuals, you may present some objective imagery to yourself, but that time framework in which you are creating the aloneness shall incorporate much more communication of a subjective nature. You, in your common vernacular, shall be introspective in a different manner, holding your attention objectively more in the direction of emotional communications, impressional communications, sense-data communications, impulses, intuition. You shall correlate your thought process - your translating mechanism - with your communications.

SHERI: Can you give me an example of that?

ELIAS: Offer to myself an example of your individual withdrawal, a time framework - it matters not - in which you recognize that you are creating less interaction with other individuals.

SHERI: A major one, I think, was when I lived in Washington. I didn't work for a year and just had a few people I interacted with.

ELIAS: Correct, which is also quite commonly expressed with individuals of the soft orientation. You continue to interact with some individuals in limited capacity, for there is a recognition of this continuous natural flow of interactiveness. But you also view yourself to be withdrawing from interaction with many individuals or [from] environments in which you translate to yourself that you are forcing yourself to be interactive in a continuous manner.

Now; within that time framework, you may be generating some objective imagery that you may be paying attention to, but more so your attention moves to all of your emotional communications.

SHERI: That was when I was getting all those insights. I could read a TV Guide and give an insight.

ELIAS: Your feelings are more pronounced. Your attention is moving to emotional communications, the feelings that are generated, and incorporating the thought process to translate what you are expressing to yourself in the projection of these feelings. The intuition is expressed and paid attention to more closely; imagination is paid attention to. Expressions of sense data, visual, hearing, touch, smells, even tastes - these senses are not necessarily heightened, so to speak, but your attention is moved more to them, and you are more attentive to these types of expressions which move in the expression of the subjective awareness. They are translated objectively, but they are mechanisms of your physical expression that are directed by the subjective awareness.

The subjective awareness incorporates many avenues to communicate to the objective awareness. Be remembering, they are not separated and they are moving in harmony continuously, but they generate different types of imagery, so to speak. The objective imagery is much more abstract. The subjective imagery is quite concise. It does not incorporate the abstractness that the objective incorporates.

Therefore, as an example, within one moment you may generate an emotional communication, which is a subjective communication to the objective awareness, which may be expressing a signal of a feeling, and within that moment the subjective awareness may be expressing an acknowledgment precisely of what you are generating within that moment. It may be expressed with the signal of happiness or contentment, and the communication that is being expressed is an identification by the subjective awareness: "within this moment I am trusting and appreciating" - quite precise and simple. The objective awareness may incorporate many different types of imagery that shall reflect that simple message.

SHERI: I'm feeling like I'm getting it!

ELIAS: Within consecutive moments the objective imagery may change many times and in those changes it is reflecting the one message, but that may be translated in many different types of imagery, many different types of actions. You may be offering yourself that communication, and as you recognize the communication - for you have acknowledged the signal of the feeling - you may generate objective imagery in incorporating listening to music that reflects that feeling, and simultaneously you may be incorporating consuming chocolate. You may choose to be physically engaging another individual in an embrace, you may choose to be incorporating an action of dance, [or] you may express some creativity. There are many expressions that you may generate objectively, for the objective imagery is abstract.

...you do allow yourself to be attentive to the objective displays of subjective communications. This is not to say that you automatically objectively understand or accurately translate what you are communicating.

...the movement within consciousness ...is escalating... you are objectively inserting this shift, and in that movement and the escalation of it individuals en masse, and yourselves also, are moving into an expansion of awareness of self. In this expansion of awareness of self, you are allowing yourselves to explore not merely what you are communicating to yourselves or what you generate or what you create...you are now moving into the exploration of HOW.

SHERI: That's my question. How did we do this?

ELIAS: And the key, ...is paying attention to self.

991, 2002-01-21

Common: 67%, Soft: 20%, Intermediate: 13%

1024, 2002-03-04 Whereas, individuals that incorporate the orientation of soft may generate time frameworks in which it appears surfacely that they are creating an aloneness or isolating themselves, but in actuality they continue to be interactive in some manner with other individuals. For individuals of the soft orientation generate much conflict if they are NOT continuously interactive.
1167, 2002-10-26 ...the METHOD to be shifting in ease is to be paying attention to self.

...and you leave after our discussions and you discuss with each other and you ponder, how do I pay attention to me?

And I am offering you the method: to be paying attention to what you are actually doing in the moment, inquiring of yourself - especially within time frameworks in which you are expressing conflict or discounting of yourselves or the all-general fear - and offering yourselves the opportunity to inquire specifically, what is my fear now, in this moment? What am I DOING in this moment?

Those of you that incorporate the orientation of soft shall be receptive to this language of "doing" much more easily than those of you that may be common or intermediate, for this is incorporated in the language of soft - not "what am I creating"; "what am I doing?" Soft individuals are presented with the statement or the question "what are you creating" and their response may be "I do not know." (Laughter) Whereas, if you are presenting the question "what are you doing," they shall be quite obliged to be explaining to you.

1934 2006.02.19

Julie: How can softies go about meeting people and developing new friendships when we tend to be so inner-oriented and not big on mingling? do you have suggestions about how we can create fulfilling intimate relationships, as softies?

Elias: Soft individuals generally draw singular individuals to themselves in any time period. They may engage interaction at times with groups of individuals such as in the situation of your small group. You interact through the avenue of the computer which allows you to be within your own individual environment but it also allows you to interact and share with other individuals without the overwhelm of physical proximity of a group.

But even in that you may notice that you may be drawn to one individual somewhat more than the other individuals. You may experience a resonance with one or another individual. allowing yourselves your natural movement and expression of doing what you do in your own individual preferences allows you an openness in which you naturally shall draw another individual to you, whether it be through the avenue of the computer or whether it be within physical proximity.

individuals of the common orientation may engage social situations meeting objectively another individual that they may choose to engage some type of relationship with. Generally this is not an efficient avenue for individuals of the soft orientation for that generates somewhat of an over-stimulation and an overwhelm of environment and in those situations a soft individual is more likely, although there are exceptions, to withdraw somewhat and not genuinely allow themselves to participate in a manner that generates a genuine openness to the group of individuals.

This is not to say that soft individuals cannot be social in a social situation with many individuals, but in those situations a different action occurs. For unless the individual in that type of scenario moves in a direction of singularly interacting with one individual or perhaps two individuals, the soft individual shall generate a type of automatic shield. Not that they are blocking, but they are automatically buffering. They can continue to interact socially, but not in an intimate manner.

Soft individuals prefer to be expressing and interacting in an intimate manner. But, it becomes overwhelming or over-stimulating to attempt to generate that with more than one or two individuals in any particular time frame-work, in physical proximity.

in association with meeting another individual that may develop into a potential relationship, if the soft individual is generating their natural movement, their natural routine, they shall draw another individual or other individuals to themselves in that environment. It is an allowance to "draw to" rather than seek and find. this is generated quite efficiently, in time frameworks in which they are allowing themselves their own natural movement and they are not seeking,

Soft individuals are continuously interactive, but not necessarily with other individuals. Considerable interaction is with yourself or with significant "living" - manifestations within your own environment. Which may be another individual, or it may be a creature, or it may be gardening, for that allows you to be interactive with plants. that does not always lend to a relationship with another individual in constant physical proximity. This is not to say that soft individuals do not or cannot generate intimate relationships with a partner and generate a successful longstanding relationship, but in order to avoid significant conflicts, it is important that the individual recognize and acknowledge their own natural movement.

One expression that generates conflict, discounting and disappointment in intimate romantic relationships - is sexual activity. For within mass beliefs, that is a significant expression and that can generate significant difficulties if the soft individual is not acknowledging and accepting of their own natural expression, which moves in somewhat of extremes.

those extremes would be intense bursts of passion in which the individual may engage sexual activity for a temporary time framework and subsequently incorporate little or no interest in that type of expression. This is a very natural movement with soft individuals. For you are so very interactive with yourselves that in small increments throughout each of your days you are constantly releasing and expressing that passion that you incorporate as a natural quality of yourselves. Therefore the engagement of an action such as sexual activity, if forced, is perceived as a chore, for the individual is attempting to generate this intense expression of passion that does not exist, for it has already been being expressed in other manners.

The reason that they engage temporary bursts in which sexual activity is engaged in a concentrated manner is, that the individual may generate a lengthy time framework in which, they are not necessarily allowing themselves to express their passion.

there are pieces of energy, that are not being expressed. And are being saved, and at some point that saved energy shall be triggered and expressed in sexual activity for that is a manner in which the individual can generate an outlet of intense energy of passion. Which at times, with other orientations, may be confusing for a soft individual can express tremendous passion and that translates to other individuals that the soft individual is very interested in sexual activity and very willing to be exploring, but in actuality it is more accurate to express that the individual has experienced a burst of passion and once that is satisfied, the interest in that action dissipates quickly and can be non-existent for considerable time frameworks.

As to engaging a successful relationship with another individual, regardless of their orientation, it is important not to move in the direction of instruction with their partner. effective and efficient is to share with their partner and therefore creating avenues of communication and it is important to be generating cooperation. generate a creative action that allows you to interact, or not interact, with your partner in a manner that does not expect any alteration of the other individual.

J: you mentioned that softies are no wallflowers and that we are seen by other orientations as flamboyant. but we often tend to discount ourselves for being like this, and then restrict ourselves. Does this concern the burst of passion that we naturally express?

E: Yes! You are generating this constant expression of passion. You can express genuine passion in reading a book or engaging a film. You generate a genuine interaction with yourself in a manner that allows you to express this passion. And in the flamboyance, you express passion in fun.

The soft individual that does not compare shall be comfortable with their own flamboyance and shall not generate irritation in facing themselves with another soft individual that is expressing in a flamboyant manner.

the reason that the individual becomes irritated or judgmental in association with another soft individual being flamboyant is that it generates a threat to you, for it reflects what you yourself oppose and discount. Who are the greatest numbers of orientation within your reality?

J: Commons.

E: Correct. And who shall you compare yourselves to?

J: To them.

E: Correct. And this type of flamboyance with soft individuals is different from any type of flamboyant expression that a common individual would generate. Soft individuals in their flamboyance are the clowns. They are entertainers. And they allow themselves to express their passion in that fun.

But, they also recognize that common individuals do not generally express in this manner. many soft and intermediate individuals compare themselves to common individuals, for they interact with common individuals from the time of being a small one, and therefore they view that the general expressions and guidelines are set by the common individuals and they view themselves as different.

difference is automatically viewed as "bad" and threatening. Therefore as a difference is recognized, the individual compares themself to what they perceive to be the norm and they discount themselves and they oppose their own expression, attempting to place their triangular self into the square hole. And, in the moments in which they present themselves with another soft individual that expresses similarly, the automatic response is to place the other triangular individual into the square hole, and simultaneously discounting of self and continuing to pound self into the square hole.

genuinely acknowledge your natural expression and your natural flow of energy, recognizing that yes, it is different, but that is not bad, and it is not wrong. It is you. And it is acceptable. You provide the excitement in a group.

This is also another manner in which the soft individual prevents themselves from overwhelm and prevents themselves from over-stimulus. By allowing that release of passion in fun, in being flamboyant, that is a natural and efficient expression to create the buffer which prevents the overwhelm.

As always, it is a matter of degrees, for there is also the factor of the individual's personality and the individual's focus type and the individual's beliefs. there are variances in what the individual shall comfortably express, but if a soft individual is accepting of themself and is aware of the natural flow of their energy and is allowing that and is comfortable with themself and not comparing, their allowance of themselves to express this natural passion in fun and flamboyance shall be more obvious.

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Julie: could you give us some clues about directions to look in discovering more about ourselves when we are in our natural flow.

E: As with any orientation, when you are allowing yourself your natural flow of energy, one of the most obvious factors that you may notice is that you naturally feel comfortable.

A soft individual will be expressing their natural flow of energy in paying attention to themself and recognizing their natural direction and in that allowing themselves permission to be expressing naturally, soft individuals almost require time frameworks in which they can be interactive with themselves. that interaction with self, outwardly, may appear to other individuals that the soft individual is isolating themself or is being less sociable and wanting to incorporate time alone.

That can be challenging for some soft individuals, dependent upon the situation that they have created, such as families or partners, they may physically remove themselves in a different area of the home but their attention continues to be projecting to the other family members, therefore they are not actually allowing themselves to be interactive with self.

Soft individuals also naturally are interactive with certain elements of their environment - living elements. a natural flow would be to allow yourselves to engage that natural action of being interactive with living expressions within your environment and not necessarily feeling the obligation to be interactive with individuals.

A frequent misunderstanding of soft individuals with the explanation of continuous interaction is that the continuous interaction is interpreted as being with other individuals, and that is incorrect. Soft individuals are actually less interactive with other individuals than the other two orientations. For they do generate that factor of requiring less interactive time frameworks, which generates less interactiveness with other individuals.

Another factor is their threshold for overwhelm. Interaction with other individuals is more natural and less overwhelming in small groups - very small groups. this is not to say that a soft individual cannot function quite well and be expressing a natural flow of energy in larger groups of individuals and socialize and participate, but not continuously. That generally would create an overwhelm. if you generate an extreme of stimulus, you incorporate the automatic response of fatigue to filter out some elements of stimulus.

this automatic response of fatigue can be likened to incorporating many radio stations simultaneously. For a brief timework a soft individual can incorporate all of those frequencies and can generate a comfortable interaction with many different frequencies, but if that interaction continues for an extended time framework, the soft individual, in becoming fatigued, figuratively, is generating an action similar to turning off most of the radio frequencies, temporarily.

A soft individual can also generate overwhelm if they are presenting too much external stimulus with themself. For that generates a similar expression. The soft is continuously presenting considerable stimulus with themself in every moment, for the subjective and the objective are continuously moving and generating input.

Soft individuals function more efficiently if they allow themselves to generate some type of routine within their day which does not require intensive attention. Therefore a soft individual may incorporate an action such as playing an instrument or engaging some type of soothing activity in which they are not necessarily being entirely interactive with themself but they are also not generating stimulus that requires evaluation.

Soft individuals evaluate differently from a common individual or an intermediate individual. Soft individuals evaluate their environment considerably, it is not necessarily incorporating thinking, but there is activity which is occurring in the evaluation within the individual,

Allowing yourselves to acknowledge your own expressions and not comparing with common individuals is also a challenge. Soft individuals express differently than common individuals or intermediate individuals, but the soft individual generally will focus upon common individuals moreso than intermediates, and compare themselves. This is not a natural flow.

With a soft individual, paying attention to yourself and interacting with yourself may be expressed in different manners. Interacting with yourself may be expressed in reading a book. You are engaging in an action that you are actually involving yourself with physically. Or engaging a film, for you are involving yourself with the film. It may appear surfacely to you that you are not engaging an action, for you may be sitting or lying and you may be physically still, but you are involving yourself and your awarenesses in action engaging what you are doing, and that engaging does not involve any other living manifestation. It merely involves you.

Generating an action of gardening, as an example, is not necessarily an action of engaging or interaction with self, for you are engaging another living manifestation, and whenever you are engaging another living manifestation, you are engaging an exchange, and you are generating an outward interaction.

When you are engaging an activity such as painting a picture or engaging a musical instrument, or dancing or reading a book or watching a film - these are actions that you physically engage that you are engaging an interaction with self.

Many, many, many soft individuals enjoy actions that are entertaining and that are comforting that they can engage singularly, such as a book or a film, for it allows you a time framework in which you are not engaging an outward interaction. many soft individuals generate considerable comfort with creatures. For a soft individual can be engaging interaction with self and be generating a comfort in the presence of a creature, and not necessarily express an outward interaction with the creature.

soft individuals experience tremendous comfort in knowing that there is a presence of another manifestation, not necessarily an individual , but in knowing that there a physical presence of a creature and knowing that that energy is continuously interactive with them but does not require them to be outwardly interactive with them, that generates a considerable comfort which is also a natural flow for soft individuals, although not all soft individuals choose to engage creatures, many, many, many of them do. And this creates an ease of energy in their exchange.

visualize a tube, imagine yourself, as a soft individual, being this tube. For much of your time the tube is filled with some type of substance. The substance is constantly moving and it is, for the most part, filling this tube.

When you incorporate time frameworks in which you are interactive with self, figuratively speaking, you empty that tube, which allows for an openness, for more of the substance to flow through. And subsequently when you are engaging output of interaction, the tube is being filled again and the substance within it is continuously moving, but that continuous movement and fullness of the tube eventually can create irritation in the walls of the tube, and can create friction. Therefore, to prevent the irritation and friction, the soft individual naturally engages an action of interactiveness with self which empties the tube and creates a reprieve, and actually creates a regeneration of the tube.

when an individual does not allow this type of natural movement, that tube becomes irritated and friction-filled, it may even create the tube to begin to collapse. That collapsing, figuratively speaking, is the automatic response of fatigue.

J: to help softs with creating intimate relationships and friendships we should be about our daily life or use the computer. However many softs find this doesn't lead to meeting appropriate people for intimate relationships, because softs are rather picky in this area and also because they don't meet many people that they can truly harmonize with. How can this be remedied?

E: allow yourself to evaluate what is a natural complement to what you naturally express individually. allow yourself to generate an openness. Do not express the rigidness of attempting to seek out or draw to yourself merely other soft individuals. although you can generate a very successful and very intimate relationship with another individual of the soft orientation. But that does require the ability to genuinely be paying attention to yourself, and to not be generating expectations of yourself or of the other individual individuals of the other orientations can provide an adequate complement to a soft individual, for there may be more flexibility expressed in relationships

when you are genuinely generating a comfortableness and a confidence within yourself and are not actually seeking an intimate relationship, that is the time framework in which you express naturally your most attractiveness. Other individuals become naturally attracted to you for you are expressing an attractive energy, but you express that when you are genuinely generating an allowance of yourself and allowing your natural flow and therefore generating a comfort and a satisfaction within yourself and that is significant If you are satisfied with yourself and are comfortable within yourself you will also be expressing a confidence, and it is not necessary to seek out other individuals. You will naturally draw them without the effort.

When you are seeking out you are not expressing that satisfaction within self. You are looking outside of yourself to provide that satisfaction, and when you are generating that type of action you are generating an energy of dissatisfaction and you are creating obstacles for you are concentrating upon lack. You are concentrating upon what you do not have or possess. And that creates the obstacles. When you are not concentrating upon lack, when you are generating satisfaction within self, you do not create those obstacles, and you create avenues in which you can accomplish what you want in generating relationships. you radiate a very attractive energy, even an intriguing energy. You all are drawn to what you admire. When you express your own comfort and satisfaction within yourself you become "the flame". And when you become the flame, it is not necessary for you to engage any action other than being the flame, and the moths will come.

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