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"Through Flame and Shadow"

is a sadly discontinued (May 2015) audio play, initially set in the 'Star Wars Universe' four years before 'Episode IV: A New Hope'. It tells the story of the fugitive Jedi Cerena Delaissen who takes two apprentices - Carr'Dyth and Josh Kenaran - in the hope of keeping the Jedi way alive. However, her apprentices begin to have goals and aspirations of their own as their powers grow.

This was initially a post-by-post role play game between three players on, which we started in August 2009. Turning towards an audio play instead already one month later. In other words years before Disney's "Rebel" comic.

High Quality 48kHz / 24bit production. Decent headphones for the stereo release are recommended! For even more acoustical depth, listen to the Ogg-Vorbis 5.1 Surround mix. Downloads are for free.

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Episode 1

- "Recognition" (26:55 min) released 23.3.2013

While leading an uneventful life as a starship mechanic, Josh Kenaran finds himself wondering about his future direction after a chance meeting with an enigmatic stranger, who not only stirs up uncomfortable old memories within Josh, but also presents him with a potentially life-changing opportunity.

stereo mp3 33 MB [3230]   -   Surround ogg 74 MB [2379]

Episode 2

- "New Directions" (16:03 min) released 23.12.2013

While Saylen waits for him to decide, Josh realises that he can't make his decision without more information. However, his initial efforts to learn more about what awaits him are unexpectedly interrupted.

stereo mp3 19 MB [2571]   -   Surround 40 MB [2267]

Episode 3

- "Trial by Fire" (18:19 min) release 3.3.2015

After dealing with a dangerous situation, Josh gains a greater understanding of the responsibilities that lie in front of him. The time for his final decision has arrived.

stereo mp3 22 MB [2272]   -   Surround 54 MB [1965] (wrong link fixed)